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NSI Contracting History

Shoring designs are customized for every project.  NSI Shoring installations and removals are designed to mesh seamlessly with other site activities to minimize impacts to schedules and costs.

NSI Contracting originated in 2014 to create a more responsive alternative for the northeast market. Headquarters and the maintenance yards were established in Merrimack NH and Bloomfield CT. From these service centers NSI efficiently supports sites throughout New England and Eastern NY.

Each excavation challenge is approached as a puzzle requiring solution. The NSI site assessment includes a review of boring logs and soil types, site conditions and possible obstructions. NSI engineers apply years of hard earned personal experience to develop a shoring solution that is effective and practical for the site. Design drawings are reviewed and stamped by an NSI professional engineer licensed by the state of record. NSI field teams are often commended for their ability to install and remove sheeting systems with minimal disruption to project timetables.

Tadano, CT crane work


Each of our design and senior field staff maintain professional licenses for their positions. Our senior project engineers are registered as PEs in all New England states.

All hoisting engineers are licensed under state and federal regulations while drivers and equipment operators personally maintain current CDLs and certificates. NSI field staff are OSHA qualified under the 40 hour HAZWOPER program including the annual 8 hour refresher and have have the OSHA Site Competent Person and OSHA Safe Excavation certifications. Additionally all site staff are certified in First Aid and CPR assistance.

The Company Promise

Each excavation challenge is a problem to solve. NSI will consider geology, soil type, obstructions and water issues to develop a shoring solution specific to each site. NSI engineers and field staff will spare no effort to provide an answer that is both effective and practical for each site.

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